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2 June, 2024 -Volume 22,Issue 5

ISSN (print): 1479-5248

ISSN (online): 2052-2835

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Gastrointestinal Nursing is the leading journal for nurses working in gastroenterology, hepatology and stoma care.

The journal publishes original research, clinical reviews and case studies that have been peer-reviewed by leading experts in the field, as well as news and expert analysis on best practice, professional development and healthcare policy. Each of the ten issues a year touches on a range of topics, from inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), viral hepatitis and colorectal cancer to upper GI endoscopy, parenteral nutrition and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

Gastrointestinal Nursing aims to help specialist nurses improve the quality of life of patients by delivering care that is evidence-based, cost-effective and patient-centred. The journal is listed on CINAHL and SCOPUS, and articles have a CPD focus to help nurses with their PREP requirements.

A subscription to the journal also includes the biannual Liver Nursing Supplement and Stoma Tips, the patient magazine for ostomates ( With a holistic approach and articles that are relevant, intelligent and useful in daily practice,

Gastrointestinal Nursing is essential reading for specialist nurses who wish to provide the best possible care for their patients.